Annual Diocesan Appeal

History and Purpose

The Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) is the major source of revenue for the ministries and agencies of the Diocese of Peoria. It is these ministries that enable the Church of Peoria, under the direction of Bishop Jenky, to reach across parish boundaries in the areas of Worship/Prayer, Christian Education, Christian Service, and Church Administration, among others.

Until the first Appeal in 1986 the Diocese of Peoria had been financed in part by a tax on parishes. Each parish sent a required assessment to the diocese to fund diocesan services and programs. However, in the final years this assessment was providing less and less of the funding required, and former Bishop Edward W. O'Rourke was faced with the difficult task of substantially increasing the tax on parishes or seeking an alternative.

It is history that Bishop O'Rourke selected the alternative means-- namely, the Annual Diocesan Appeal (formerly called the Annual Stewardship Appeal). By utilizing this annual appeal, the diocese can continue its valuable services while having a minimal effect upon parish incomes. At the same time, the parish tax has been abolished entirely. By comparison, many dioceses today have both an annual appeal and a parish assessment.

A Diocese is, after all, a union of parishes, presided over by a Bishop and organized to fulfill Christ's mission in a given geographical area. While the work of Christ is done chiefly in the parishes, there are many tasks which require the administration and efforts of the larger Church, the Diocese.

How are the funds used?

Funds raised through the Annual Diocesan Appeal are used to support services and ministries that serve the entire diocese or that are too large for any particular parish. The ADA may not fund the total cost of any services or ministries listed. The Diocese provides experts in a variety of areas that are available to parishes at no cost.

God loves a joyful giver!

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2019 ADA

The 2019 Annual Diocesan Appeal is now underway in our parish. Your support of this year's Appeal ensures that essential charitable, educational and pastoral ministries of the Diocese of Peoria are continued and carried forward. Thanks to all who made a pledge to the Annual Diocesan Appeal. No gift is too small, and our parish is trying to reach 100% participation. If you have not yet made a gift to the ADA, we invite you to do so today. There are envelopes in the back of church. Every dollar raised to make our goal supports important diocesan services and every dollar raised over our goal will be returned to the parish to help us pay tuition cost. Previous ADA balance from 2018-$6,941. New balance for 2019 $26,268. Total ADA balance owed $33,209.00.

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